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We provide citizens around the world a chance to live in a clean world and ensure future generations a world without waste. We provide the tools and guidance to empower millions of people around the world. By making a donation, you can support the movement that aims to solve a global problem in one day. Your donation can help us:

Make mentorship possible in India!


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Assist national leaders to learn first-hand from successful campaign leaders from other countries, and help them in their own countries. Every third visit is made possible with the help of your donation. Our mentors from countries like Sweden, UK, Slovenia, Croatia, Ukraine and Albania visit the teams to bring global knowledge, advance local partnerships, expand networks and advance the clean world plan on locations. Make mentorship possible in India:

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Become a clean world supporter by making a regular donation. Your donation is used for supporting the activities most urgent for the success of World Cleanup Day. Every donation you make is matched by Let’s Do It Foundation to support regional get-togethers, spread best practices, collect waste data and ensure the message of World Cleanup Day reaches 1 billion people.

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Tax-deductible donations


When making a payment, mark your personal ID number to the description line at the transfer.
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United States

Let’s Do It Foundation is recognized as a charitable organization in Estonia and is able to accept tax-deductible donations from American donors in partnership with CAF America, which is qualified as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible for Estonian residents and to U.S citizens for gifts starting from 500 USD made through CAFAmerica.

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